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December 25th, 2018 our community will launch the first cryptocurrency exchange dApp we have been working on for several months. We need your support and we need your help! Learn more below.

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You can support our mission to create free and totally decentralized cryptocurrency exchange solutions.

Support our mission to "Free The Coins" and "Free The Traders" of the bondage that has been unfairly placed on them by governments arond the world. We can do all things through God who strengthens and empowers us, as long as we're doing it for the right reasons as a collective -- and that's what this mission is all about.

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The Arisen Network
Arisen powers the most expansive decentralized toolset & community ever created.

In a way, the world gave us lemons and we really have produced lemonade in more ways than one. Learn more about the Arisen network and our missionaries' goal to decentralize everything

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“They can take it all but they'll never take our vision.”
- Jared Rice Sr. - Original Arise Founder

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** Becoming an Arisen citizen has a one-time cost, to create a username, which is yours forever. Anyone can start their own citizenship agency, as long as they have enough RSN to cover the signup costs through Arisen's robotic account creation system.
Change your life & join God's growing decentralized army. Become A Member Of Arisen Church Arisen church is changing everything about decentralization, enabling projects like aVote and others, to freely create missions through our missionaries and church members to improve lives around the world and bring freedom to those who truly want it for themselves. It's God's vision and we're fighting for it. Join the revolution - we'll be here tomorrow.